Restaurant gallery

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Beef tartare with pickled onion, marinated mushrooms, pickled cucumber, confit egg yolk, black pickled mustard seeds and mustard

32 zł

Salad with smoked ham, hard-boiled egg, pickled onions, grilled paprika, capers with mustard dip

27 zł

Carpaccio with beets, pickled pumpkin, rocket salad, roasted walnuts and lemon dressing

26 zł

Herring with pickled onions and thyme oil

18 zł

Fried chicken liver with tokay and caramelized fruit served with challah

19 zł

Pumpkin cream soup with coconut milk and curry, celery, served with smoked chicken

13 zł

Mushroom soup with cream homemade pasta and dill

15 zł

Beef guts with chicken, vegetables, ginger and marjoram

15 zł


30 days seasoned ribeye steak with fries, grilled vegetables with BBQ plum sauce

74 zł

Salmon with mango gel, pumpernickel, pearl barley with chili and vegetables, pickled onions

44 zł

Zander fillet with parsnip puree, black lentils and tomato cream sauce with thyme and olive powder

38 zł

Duck fillet with red pine mushroom, marinated red cabbage, buckwheat pancakes and cumberland sauce with bison grass

45 zł

Pork loin in demi glace sauce, in herb crumble, braised carrot, potato puree pickled onion and rapeseed oil mayonnaise with hay aroma

33 zł

Chickpea and bean cassoulet with tomatoes and smoked paprika, roasted cabbage

28 zł

Herb tagliatelle with yolk, grana padano cheese, chili, olive oil, herbs, mush-rooms and smoked bacon

29 zł

Risotto halibut with dried boletus, celery chips and pickled pumpkin

42 zł


Chocolate fondant with black currant gel, beetroot powder and vanilla ice cream

17 zł

Apple pie with meringue, walnuts and vanilla ice cream

16 zł

Pancakes with plum anise and vanilla ice cream, brandy and merengue

16 zł