Restaurant gallery

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Cold Appetizers

Matias with pickled onions, terragon and rapeseed oil

18 zł

Beef tartare with pickled cucumbers, marinated chanterelles, amaranth, windbreaker and black olives

28 zł

Salad made of roasted carrot, parsley, red cabbage, mushrooms, pancheta from Puławy breed and black bean

22 zł

Hot Appetizers

Potato soup with horseradish cream and pistachio crumble with bacon crisp from Puławy breed

11 zł

Miso broth with tofu, black sezame and celery, mushrooms

12 zł

Żukowski sour soup with potato dumpling, cottage cheese mousse and pork ham from Puławy breed

13 zł

Bucatini putanesca in tomato and anchovy sauce with garlic, onion and capers

23 zł

Ditali rigati from rye flour with oyster mushroom, olive oil, chili, amber chips, spinach espuma and roasted salsify

23 zł


Lamb uhruska with pistachios wrapped in peritoeum with roasted vegetables, beetroot mousse and potato

44 zł

Corn fed chicken fillet with crispy skin, bright roasting sauce, glazed carrots in butter & thyme and black lentil

28 zł

Bacon confit from Puławy breed with tomato sauce, ravioli with beetroot and goat cheese from Amaltei, salsify in white wine sauce and potato

30 zł

Royal burbot with Parma ham, jasmine rice and black rice popcorn, beurre blanc sauce and bergamot with braised chicory in honey

33 zł

Ostrich fillet in beetroot demi glace sauce with prawns, garlic butter, roasted onion, red cabbage mousse and potato

49 zł

Sturgeon with herb crumble served with celery and smoke beetroot, horseradish puree, butter sauce and coriander cheesecake

36 zł

Souse vide sirloin in green pepper sauce, glazed beetroot, parsley, onion, potato, mustard served in balsamic vinegar sauce

39 zł


Tansania chocolate mousse with cherry jam, crumble and cherry jelly

14 zł

Equador chocolate & cream on coffee sponge cake with pineapple and yoghurt powder

14 zł

Coconut cheesecake with millet flakes, ground hazelnut, cocoa beans and caramelized coconut, chocolate flakes and cherry gel

15 zł