Restaurant gallery

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Beef tartare with classic toppings and smoked lard

37 zł

Chicken liver with pear and blue cheese

34 zł

Slow cooked bacon with onion jam

36 zł

Caesar salad with grilled chicken

35 zł

Breaded goat cheese salad

36 zł


Forest mushrooms soup with stewed venison

25 zł

Sour rye soup with sausage

24 zł

Onion cream soup with toast and mimolette cheese

21 zł

Homemade chicken broth

19 zł

Schnitzel with fried egg

42 zł

Pork ribs in BBQ sauce

59 zł

Pork tenderloin in hard cheese sauce

49 zł

Chicken breast in honey - mustard sauce

42 zł

Guinea Fowl leg

51 zł

Beef burger with grilled bacon

43 zł

Beef brisket in gravy

69 zł

Chicken and chanterelle mushrooms pasta

41 zł

Udon noodles with duck

41 zł

Fried Grey Mullet fish with salsa verde

49 zł

Portobello mushroom Shoarma

42 zł


Molten chocolate tart with amarena cherries

25 zł

Apple pie with ice cream

24 zł

Sweet potato parfait

23 zł