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Zimne na początek

Beef tartare with roasted black sesame, soy yolk, wasabi mayonnaise, watercress, genus Pholita from Dąbrówka and shimeji

29 zł

Trout ceviche with caperberries, orange, horseradish, Dijon mustard, red onion and turnip

28 zł

Goose fillet salad, pear, roasted walnuts, red onion, iceberg lettuce, rocket salad with beetroot, cranberry jam and cocktail tomato

28 zł

Ciepłe na początek

Creamy sour soup with emulsion from eggs and marjoram oil with garlic sausage and potatoes

14 zł

Sour cabbage soup served with baked pork ribs, onion and potato espuma

12 zł

Dumplings with duck, baked walnuts and rosemary, flavored orange

25 zł

Ragout from deer meat with wholemeal bread, Jerusalem artichoke and czeburek

29 zł

W środku

Lamb with bacon, spelt coulibiac with red cabbage roll, crushed pistachio and 15 months old amber cheese, aubergine puree, garlic, lotus crisp and baked sweet potato

46 zł

30 days aged ribaye steak, grilled and flavored with fermented black pepper, served with vegetables from the pan, smoked vegetables oil from Łagowski manufacture, steak house fries, 15 months old amber cheese and chimichurri sauce

74 zł

Zander saute with fennel salad and grapefruit with dill emulsion, potato puree, butter-wine sauce and trout caviar

42 zł

Ziti pasta with tomatoes, anchovies, roasted almonds, onion, garlic, crumble minced ciabatta, lemon oil, balsamic and thyme glazed shallots

27 zł

Risotto vialone with roasted vegetables, eggplant with Jerusalem artichoke and grana padano cheese

27 zł

Sous vide pork loin with carrot, brussels sprout, pearl onion in balsamic sauce, pan seared mushrooms, white buckwheat croquet and onion

34 zł

Grilled meats, pork neck with pear gel rosemary sprinkles, chicken fillet with apple-paprika crumble, served with jalapeño relish and potatoes baked with salt

28 zł

Coś na słodko

Coconut-millet cheesecake with lemon, lichee white chocolate ice cream, pineapple, caramelised kumquat, swiss meringue and white chocolate sauce

17 zł

Mango and passion fruit semifredo ginger genes, coconut malibu crisps, cookie with almonds, coconut and passion fruit gel, aired ruby chocolate

18 zł

Vanilla creme brulee and black currant coulis, scoope white chocolate ice cream

16 zł