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Cold Appetizers

Salad with corn fed chicken, baby lettuces with herbs, cherry tomato, red onion served with Amaltei goat cheese on toast

23 zł

Salad with asparagus, poached egg, home made spicy mayonnaise, radish, olive powder, tomato and vinaigrette sauce

23 zł

Beef tartar with radish sprouts, garlic, chili mayonnaise, red onion, radish and yolk

28 zł

Ciepłe na początek

Baby beetroot with sour cream, poached egg, dill, roasted potato and bacon from Puławy breed

12 zł

Baby cabbage soup with tomatoes, linseed oil and dill

11 zł

Dumplings with rabbit, peas, carrot mousse, chili and roasted bacon from Puławy breed

18 zł

Herbal spaghetti with young vegetables and tomato sauce with herbs and dried yolk

20 zł

W środku

De volaille with farm butter, potatoes with bacon from Puławy breed, cucumber relish, braised carrot with thyme and tomatoe foam

28 zł

Grilled beef loin / roast beef with garlic butter, baked potatoes, baby onion and grilled tomato

49 zł

Uhruska lamb with pan fried vegetables, peas mousse, carrot puree, mint and parsley emulsion

44 zł

Grilled trout from Pustelnia farm with lemon butter and almond pesto, braised spinach and asparagus, cherry tomato

33 zł

Pork from Puławy breed in gravy with spring greensand and sour cream, chive and dill, potato puree

30 zł

Roasted beef silverside in the dark gravy with red wine, mushroom, garlic, parsley, salad with radish and kohlrabi, roasted potato slices

37 zł

Coś na słodko

White chocolate cream with coconut mousse, cardamom and passion fruit, meringue and candy ice cream

14 zł

Ice cream dessert – roasted alomond, ricotta, coconut liquer, pineapple chips, chocolate tops and Swiss meringue

16 zł

Tartel with wild strawberries and vanilla mousse, spring flowers

15 zł