Restaurant gallery

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Dill soup with veal meatballs

15 zł

Tomato soup with cheese toast

13 zł

Cold beetroot soup

13 zł

Traditional broth

12 zł


Traditional beef tartare with truffle

31 zł

Beef carpaccio with capers

31 zł

Salad with smoked salmon and horseradish sauce

28 zł

Salad with grilled chicken and tzatziki sauce

27 zł

Feta cheese and chickpeas salad

19 zł


Boiled veal with vegetables

39 zł

Grilled chicken

35 zł

Pork chop with cucumber salad

29 zł

Beef tenderloin in demi glace

69 zł

Beef burger with chocolate bbq sauce

29 zł

Fish and chips

31 zł

Redfish in sorrel sauce

42 zł

Dumplings with white sausage in horseradish sauce

29 zł

Primavera pasta with vegetables and basil

28 zł

Carbonara pasta with lemon

28 zł

Glazed egglant with broad beans falafel in tomato sauce

29 zł


Lemon tart

15 zł

Pavlova meringue

15 zł

Selection of ice cream and sorbets

14 zł