Restaurant gallery

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Beef tartar with herb mayonnaise

37 zł

Dumplings with veal and peas

33 zł

Halloumi cheese and watermelon salad

31 zł

Grilled chicken salad with tzatziki

35 zł

Grilled shrimps salad

37 zł


Fresh cucumber soup

23 zł

Roasted tomato cream

20 zł

Cold beetroot soup

18 zł

Homemade chicken broth

17 zł

Roast duck in plum sauce with rosemary

41 zł

Schnitzel with cucumber salad

39 zł

Beef burger with tzatziki

39 zł

Fish and chips

39 zł

Baked cod tenderloin with vegetables

49 zł

Sous vide turkey in lemongrass sauce

43 zł

Pork tenderloin in chanterelle sauce

49 zł

Rib eye with peppercorn sauce

79 zł

Aglio e olio pasta with shrimps

37 zł

Parma pasta with chicken

36 zł

Stuffed cabbage with grilled vegetables and bulgur

36 zł


Oreo dessert with oreo ice cream

23 zł

Ice cream and sorbets selection

21 zł

Meringue with mascarpone cream

22 zł