Restaurant gallery

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Beef tartare with dried egg yolk

29 zł

Herring with smoked vegetables olive oil

18 zł

Chicken liver with green pepper

21 zł

Beetroot terrine with goat cheese

22 zł

Cesar salad with chicken

26 zł

Salad with smoked trout

24 zł


Roasted pumpkin cream soup with spicy lentils

13 zł

Sour rye soup with buttermilk

14 zł

Potato soup with mushrooms and smoked trout

14 zł

Home-made chicken soup

12 zł

Pork knuckle in sauce with fermented pepper

39 zł

Chicken breast in curry sauce

34 zł

Zander in mushroom sauce

39 zł

Pork tenderloin in cheese sauce

32 zł

Beef burger with celery remoulade

28 zł

New York Steak with garlic butter

69 zł

Pork chop with mashed potatoes

29 zł

Dumplings with pulled venison and mushrooms in butter

29 zł

Pappardelle with pork, ripening ham and mushrooms

29 zł

Pumpkin Fettucine with smoked feta cheese

27 zł

Grilled sweet potato steak

27 zł


Plums under the crumble

14 zł

Honeycake with mandarin

14 zł

Cheesecake with wild grapes

15 zł

Selection of ice cream and sorbets

13 zł