Restaurant gallery

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Cold Appetizers

Pickled red and gold beetroot, espuma beetroot, beetroot chips, raspberry dressing, horseradish ravioli with apple and celery

21 zł

Smoked catfish in Lapsang Souchong tea and fish sauce, pickled chicory and amaranth

22 zł

Vegetable salad with smoked fillet of goose and rape mayonnaise

24 zł

Beef tartar with marinated pork fat from Puławy breed with pumpernickel ground, marinated chanterelle mushroom with herbal vinegar

27 zł

Hot Appetizers

Bean soup with sweet potato espuma and bacon crisp from Puławy breed tomatoes concasse and bread stick

11 zł

Mushroom soup on rye sourdough with dill cream and pumpkin oil

13 zł

Tagliatelle with chili, pumpkin, pepper, ginger, mun mushrooms, curry and coconut milk espuma

22 zł

Dumplings with veal lungs with chantarelle mushrooms and herbal sauce

24 zł


Corn fed chicken fillet fried in sage butter, figs in syrup, potato souffle, cream sauce, vegetable crisps with vegetable mousse and vegetable jam

28 zł

Long stewed cheeks of beef in barbecue sauce with roasted garlic, plum BBQ sauce, smoked carrot, buckwheat cookies and poultry mousse

35 zł

Pan fried seabass with rutabaga diamonds cooked in carrot juice with ginger, hollandaise sauce, Jerusalem artichokes and parsley mousse

36 zł

Souse vide beef tongue with demi glace sauce, potato puree, horseradish, beetroot mousses, pickled mushrooms and vegetables salad

37 zł

Fillet of goose from Suwałki breed with elderberry gelly, porto sauce, buckwheat pies, apple cake sprinkled with apple cider vinegar,

39 zł

Chopped lamb cutlet with mole egg, beetroot, potato puree, onion chutney

43 zł

Deer with fungus mushroom sauce, black lentils and potato croquette, truffle mousse and red beetroot gel

49 zł


Crisp vanilla cream pie with plums, walnuts and meringue

14 zł

Vanilla Cheesecake with chocolate crumble, cherry blossom mousse and hazelnuts

14 zł

Brownie with forest crumble, grape mousse, raspberries gin and cranberry flavoured ice cream

15 zł