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Zimne na początek

Chilled tomatoes soup with burrata, lemon yogurt, mint and basil

13 zł

Salad with home made curd cheese, mix lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, radish, paprika crisp, tomato raita

23 zł

Salad with chicken liver, watermelon radish, peaches, raspberries, cherry tomato, red onion, thyme and nasturtium flower, honey -mustard sauce

23 zł

Beef tartare with pickled cucumber, pickled red onion, pickled radish

28 zł

Ciepłe na początek

Poultry soup with stomachs, barley groats and summer vegetables

11 zł

Cream of white vegetables served with fried chanterelle, sugar onion foam and cottage cream

13 zł

Herbal dumplings with Uhruska lamb with savory and lamb broth

22 zł

W środku

Lamb saddle with bacon, cauliflower mousse, stuffed cabbage with millet groats, broad bean puree, crumble with cauliflower and pistachios, brown dill, demi glace and blueberry sauce

44 zł

Poussion roasted young chicken stuffed with sweet bread roll, chilli, green beans, new potatoes with dill and herbal emulsion

35 zł

Fried roach served on marinated radish with potato chips in lemongrass sauce, watercress, broccoli and coriander emulsion

30 zł

Paprika rigatoni pasta, garlic, zucchini, onion, mixed herbs, cherry tomato, amber cheese

22 zł

Tenderloin with lamb fat, thyme, panko, young soy, mushrooms, rosemary espuma and potato puree

34 zł

Pork ham in vegetable ragout, potato puree with fry chanterelle

30 zł

Tabbouleh with young soy, cucumber, tomato, chives, goat cheese with nut crumble

30 zł

Coś na słodko

Oatmeal cake with mirabelle, red currant sorbet, apricot cream with almond milk and Brazil chocolate

16 zł

Sweet bread with vanilla crumble, home made seasonal fruits jam with cocoa milkshake and mint sauce

14 zł

Chocolate mousse with Jägermeister, forest fruits and roasted pine nuts

14 zł