Restaurant gallery

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Goat cheese salad from Amaltei farm with berry sauce, iceberg lettuce, rocket salad, red onion, cocktail tomato with herb dressing

32 zł

Corn fed grilled chicken salad with yoghurt from “Mleczna Droga” cheese farm, raspberries, avocado, tomato, iceberg lettuce and rocket salad with lemon dressing

29 zł

Spicy pork lion salad with crispy noodle, cabbage and chilli

33 zł

Beef tartare with pickled radish, red onion, green tomato, confit egg yolk, butter with mixed peppercorns

29 zł

Cold cucumber soup with herbs, cheese from “Mleczna Droga” cheese farm, olives and capers tapenade, basil oil and micro peas

13 zł

White cream soup from couliflower, celery, parsley, potato, wild boar chorizo, confit egg yolk with wholemeal toast

13 zł


Corn chicken fillet with raspberries gel, mushy peas, raspberries powder, chicken liver in fruity sauce with roasted potatoes

34 zł

Home made tomato rigattoni with broad beans, garlic, onion, olive oil, deer sausage from “Zwierzyniec farm” and pecorino „Debbene” cheese.

34 zł

Corn fed chicken risotto with blue cheese, broccoli and black olives powder

32 zł

Salmon with crunchy top made from raspberries and oatmeal, potato mousse and green beans

45 zł

Dumplings with veal, chanterelles in tomato broth with capers and nasturtium

29 zł

Silverside with remulade sauce from tomato, cucumber and red onion, potatoes in demi glace sauce

43 zł

Pork tenderloin with pappardelle, chanterelle sauce, chive, zucchini and spinach

31 zł


Camomile panna cotta with seasonal fruit, honey and lemon sauce, vanilla & honey crumble with ice cream.

17 zł

Lemon cream served on puff pastry with ice cream and sunflower seeds

16 zł

Fruit compote with marshmallows, lemon gel, basil powder and rose ice cream

17 zł