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Zimne na początek

Mushroom from Dąbrówka farm and corn fed chicken pate with herbs and mikrogreens

17 zł

Cesar with grilled corn fed chicken, 15months old amber cheese,herb croutons and smoked bacon

26 zł

Beef tartare with garden herbs, radish and coarse grained mustard

29 zł

Ciepłe na początek

Sorrel soup with poached egg and baked potatoes

13 zł

Dumplings with green lenils served on lettuce with rapeseed oil from "Treasure of nature"farm dressing

23 zł

Fish broth with asparagus, concass tomatoes and boquet of herbs

14 zł

W środku

Rabbit roulade with demi glace sauce, truffle, dill and cream mousse, boiled carrot and broccoli, radish, garden herbs dresing, black lentils

41 zł

Picanha with demi glace sauce, chicory in lemon dressing, potatoes with chives yoghurt

46 zł

Australian hake fillet with boiled Bimi broccoli,grilled chery tomatoes,lemon sauce, grated potatoes

37 zł

Baked corn fed chicken fillet with barbecue sauce,salad,sour cream and roasted wheat

34 zł

Grilled duck fillet with braised asparagus and grilled carrot, roasted polenta in brown butter

45 zł

Veal loin with sunflower oil from "Treasure of nature"farm, pickled asparagus, green peas puree, mousse with camembert from "Amaltei farm"

48 zł

Spinach tagiatelle with pesto,confit egg yolk and truffle flakes

27 zł

Coś na słodko

French meringue,rhubarb and strawberries

17 zł

Cheesecake with shorcrust pastry, milk chocolate and walnuts

17 zł

White chocolate mousse with coco crumble, strawberry gel and sesonal fruit salad

19 zł