24 Hour Front Desk

In our hotel reception and all related services are available 24 hours a day

Fitness and Relaxation

During the stay, we offer access to the hotel gym, sauna and jacuzzi


For each guest is provided a buffet breakfast

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Hotel night

The hotel room is rented for nights, which last from 14 to 12 the next day

Private parking

The hotel offers a monitored underground parking and free parking ground.

Facilities for disabled

Hotel Piano has a range of facilities for people with disabilities.


The hotel's reception will provide helpful information related to residence

Hotel deposit

We offer free and secure storage for valuables

Pets welcome

Pets are welcome for an additional fee of 50 zł per day

Wake up calls

We do wake up calls (per-order at reception)


At any time we can order a taxi


If necessary, we provide free ironing

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Relax and regeneration

We offer a fitness area equipped with professional exercise machines: bikes, treadmills, cross trainer and an kettlebell. For an extra charge, our guests can relax and regenerate in sauna or jacuzzi

The gym

Equipment allows you to perform strength training and aerobic


Pine finish, adjustable temperature and mood lighting


Jacuzzi for 4 people

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