Privacy policy

  1. Service is not collecting any data, besides information contained in cookies.
  2. Cookies constitute informational data, in a form of text files, which are stored on user’s end device. Among others, cookies may contain name of a website from which they originate, storage time and unique identifier.
  3. Cookies used by a Service are collect anonymous statistics about visits and usage.
  4. In many cases software used to browse websites, by default allows to store cookies on user’s end device. You are able to change those settings. You can entirely disable cookies usage or setup your browser in a way that you will be informed about every attempt to store a cookie on your device.
  5. Disabling or limiting usage of cookies has no effect on a Service functionality.
  6. Cookies stored on user’s end device can be used by 3rd parties such as service cooperators, advertisers or partners.