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Restaurant Piano is a magical place in the heart of Lublin. We have managed to gather a fantastic group of people who, under the baton of the brilliant chef – Mr. Piotr Huszcz-blend invented dishes.

We try to make each seasonal menu, using the wealth of our region was exceptional and referred to the policies of slow food.

Bold flavor combinations and modern techniques based on traditionalism will allow us to move you to a culinary journey through our region with a thrill of world influence.

A visit here will be a unique opportunity for you to give a whirl experimental flavor combinations using underrated or forgotten products. Welcome to the weekly, a multi-installment of one of them.

Constantly improve their qualifications on courses and training waiters ambitious team with passion guide you through our culinary heritage.

Welcome and wish you sensational impressions through.

Cold appetizers

Greek salad with goat cheese and vinegrette sauce served with focaccia

20 zł

Pastrami with grilled watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, rocket salad, basil, Romain salad served with summer fruit sauce

24 zł

Lettuce with grilled corn fed chicken breast with Romain salad, herbal toast, tomato, amber cheese, bacon served with yoghurt - dill sauce

23 zł

Natural yogurt cold soup, avocado, cucumber, mint, garlic served with crispy toast and amber cheese

12 zł

Steak tartare, served on marinated tomato with yellow tomato gel, chives flavored mayonnaise, capers, pickled dried tomatoes and red onion

26 zł

Hot appetizers

Chicken liver served with blueberries, red onion ,rocket and lettuce salad, pickled golden beetroot, goat cheese

18 zł

Cream of white vegetables: parsley, cauliflower, celery, potato served with olives, basil and tomatoes bread stick

12 zł

Rye noodles with summer cocks, spinach, mozzarella cheese and basil espuma

18 zł

Main dishes

Sous vide corn fed chicken breast served with carrot pure, green peas, dill and toast

26 zł

Brisket of beef with brown mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, shallot in demi glace sauce served with grilled potatoes

39 zł

Lamb in apricoat glaze with young soybeans, cabbage, baked sweet potatoes, butter lettuce, truffle espuma

44 zł

Trout fillet in corn crumbs, baked potatoes with salt and apple salad served with French beans and bacon

32 zł

Three colored spaghetti with spinach, tomatoes, green peas , mushroom, onion, garlic and amber cheese

24 zł

Corn fed chicken breast served with soda pancakes, dill ,kohlrabi and yogurt crisps

29 zł


Yogurt mousse with forest fruits, pine moss, white chocolate with roasted nuts

15 zł

Blackcurrant cremeux with black currant jelly, meringue pebbles, angel food served with lemon ice cream

14 zł

Ice dessert with seasonal fruits, meringue, roasted almonds and a cotton twig

14 zł