Restaurant gallery

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Restaurant Piano is a magical place in the heart of Lublin. We have managed to gather a fantastic group of people who, under the baton of the brilliant chef – Mr. Piotr Huszcz-blend invented dishes.

We try to make each seasonal menu, using the wealth of our region was exceptional and referred to the policies of slow food.

Bold flavor combinations and modern techniques based on traditionalism will allow us to move you to a culinary journey through our region with a thrill of world influence.

A visit here will be a unique opportunity for you to give a whirl experimental flavor combinations using underrated or forgotten products. Welcome to the weekly, a multi-installment of one of them.

Constantly improve their qualifications on courses and training waiters ambitious team with passion guide you through our culinary heritage.

Welcome and wish you sensational impressions through.

Cold appetizers

Steak tartare/chives/ onion/fresh herbs/marinated kohlrabi/confit egg yolk/ garlic - herb butter

26 zł

Emmentaler cheese /mango/sugar snap/cucumber/rocket salad/spinach/ honey-mustard dressing

23 zł

Salad with poached egg/ raddish/chive flavoured olive oil/seeded bread toast/rocket salad/iceberg salad/ herb vinegrette

19 zł

Hot appetizers

Vegetable soup/ veal meatballs/pasta/cauliflower/broccoli/carrot/dill

13 zł

Young beetroot/baby potatoes/smoked bacon/stuffed egg

12 zł

Duck ravioli/ strawberry balsamic vinegrette/ butter/ pepper/nasturtium/mustard seeds

23 zł

Main dishes

Sous vide turkey breast/ curry/ kohlrabi/broad beans/ bacon/ natural yoghurt/mint

29 zł

Sous vide beef neck/ cauliflower puree/ black olive powder/pistachio/ amber cheese/sea salt/asparagus/potatoes

39 zł

Oven baked salmon/ rice crackers/ soya beans/garlic/ sweet potatoes/ nasturtium/edible flowers/lemon/ mustard seeds/ basil

36 zł

Duck fillet/ balsamic vinegar/ strawberry/coriander/chicken liver/onion bread/cauliflower/ broccoli/porto sauce

39 zł

Baked beetroot/ gnocchi/ philadelphia cheese/ egg yolk/ chive/herb-garlic pesto

23 zł

Veal/ spinach/sugar snap/hollandaise sauce/baby potatoes/butter lettuce/raddish/garlic/chervil

43 zł

Spinach tagliatelle/ tomatoes mousse/ prawns/cottage cheese/ balsamic cream/ garlic

26 zł


Panna cotta/ pistachio/ strawberry / cream/ pine/ chocolate/pansies/roasted almonds/sea buckthorn

14 zł

Rhubarb – strawberry sorbet/ caramel/ sea salt/ wheat crackers/chocolate/musli

14 zł

Natural youghurt mousse/ yuzu/ mint sponge cake/ chilli chocolate/ blackberry/ rhubarb

13 zł